Our Passion




Our passion is food...

especially follia d'amore food.

Translation - Follia d'amore: [ Madness of love ]


Our Passion.
The Italian phrase, “Bella Vita” translates to, “The Good Life.” You see, in Italy, most of life's memorable moments happen in the kitchen and encompass family, friends, laughter and good food.


Really, what more could you ask for in life, but to be surrounded by the people who care about you the most, eating good food and enjoying good wine.


So, we invite you into our kitchen: you bring the family and friends and we'll supply the rest. Come in and enjoy “Bella Vita Ristorante.”


About us.
Bella Vista Ristorante was created in the Fall of 2014. It is the dream and imagination of Daniel Cohen, CEO. Bella Vita Ristorante is an Italian restaurant offering a casual, fun and romantic environment.


The Bella Vita Ristorante management and staff believe serving excellent food and top notch friendly service are the most important ingredients to success. We believe bottom line profits are second to giving excellent service and exceptional value.


About Bella VitaOur Mission Statement.
• To provide fun, in a romantic atmosphere where the guest joy the highest quality food and exceptional value.
• To provide a level of service that makes the guests' visit so pleasant and memorable, they can't wait to return!
• To provide the above with professionalism, integrity and most importantly, a SMILE.
• To provide every effort to achieving 100% guest satisfaction.